How Compliance Tracker 365 works

Compliance Tracker 365 is a Microsoft SharePoint Online app which works with Teams. It allows documents and pages to be targeted to groups of people for reading using simple tags. Content which matches a person’s profile tags is highlighted and the read state of all targeted content is available in configurable compliance reports. Compliance Tracker 365 can be implemented in any new or existing Microsoft Office 365 environment to ensure your essential information is read on time by the right people.


Guarantee that the right people are reading the right content.


Record who and when the content is read.


Report on both read compliance and non-compliance.

What can Compliance Tracker 365 do for you?

Microsoft SharePoint can easily store millions of documents and pages, but ensuring individuals are aware of what’s important to their role and reporting on whether these documents have been read was not easy until now. With Compliance Tracker 365 you can quickly distribute documents or pages to the people that need to read them, and track when the content was read. This removes the guess work by staff knowing what’s important for their role, and for managers by being able to report that content has been read and understood. Any document or page stored in SharePoint can be distributed to groups of people with minimal effort. Any document libraries can be leveraged, increasing the value of existing SharePoint content, and any security or distribution group can be used to generate distribution profiles. Compliance Tracker 365 makes targeting, tracking, and reporting on who’s reading critical content easy in SharePoint Online.

Target People and Content

Compliance Tracker 365 targets content to groups of people built on profiles. Profiles can be manually assigned and set, based on group membership or data in third party systems. Compliance Tracker 365 can target any content for either optional or mandatory reading which determines how and where content is displayed on your intranet. Compliance Tracker 365 targeting is instrumental in ensuring new starters read important onboarding material, care workers have read essential changes to work procedures and managers are fully across new policies and processes.

Track what has been read, by whom

Once content has been set up and targeted, Compliance Tracker 365 tracks that content has been read and understood. Content views are automatically tracked in the background and read acknowledgements can be configured as simple button click, a feedback form or a multiple-choice quiz. Content can also be configured to force rereads after a set number of days or when the version number has changed, ensuring staff are always refreshed and across the latest information.

Report on content and people

Reports are available to extract and analyse data. Standard reports highlight recent content views, read compliance, feedback pending review and quiz results. All reports can be further customised allowing terms, people, dates, duration, and team information to be grouped, filtered, and sorted. All data can be export to Excel or PowerBI for further analysis. Compliance managers can now report on who has viewed, read, and not yet seen content in a single click, saving time and providing certainty that the right people are fully across the right information.

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