Any page or document can be targeted to individuals using terms. Terms could cover ‘All Employees’ or be related to a specific location ‘Perth Office’, or a responsibility ‘People Managers’. Business users can define the terms and the people or groups associated with them. Terms are then applied to content for reading.

Target SharePoint content using terms

  • Target any page or document to groups of people using simple terms
  • Show personalized reading lists based on an individuals profile
  • Makes it easy for people to see what’s new and updated for reading
  • Highlight important content using visual tags

Localize to your language

  • Use business or local language terms
  • Update language on labels, forms and interfaces
  • Use site specific or global term sets

Centrally assigned or self-managed profiles

  • Flexible assignment of terms based on groups, profile properties or individually by name.
  • Centrally assign terms to people in bulk through Profile management
  • Allow people to personalise their own interests for Knowledge Management

Highlight important content

  • Highlight content that’s relevant to read
  • ‘My Reads’ webpart shows all content to read
  • Use PnP Modern Search to add tags and statuses

Use scheduling, versioning and rereads

  • Use scheduling to show and remove content
  • Add Refresher Days to force rereads
  • Use versioning to highlight contents that changes
  • Administration option to ‘Revoke’ reads

Supports external guests

  • Target content to external guests and contractors
  • Enable enhanced security to lock down data
  • Create profiles from groups using our Flow Solution

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