Targeted pages and documents are configured with a content tracker. Trackers are available for ‘read’ acknowledgements, to know when someone has read the page. The ‘feedback’ tracker captures notes from the reader, either to improve content quality by capturing suggestions, or for providing feedback information about a task. The ‘quiz’ tracker assesses understanding of the content through a multiple choice quiz. Content can also be configured with a hidden tracker, recording read durations and stats without any user interaction.

Track with manual or automatic acknowledgements

  • Track any page or document
  • Use manual read acknowledgements
  • Track automatically with or without read confirmation

Get feedback to improve quality

  • Ask for feedback on any document or page
  • Use feedback to improve the quality of content
  • Optionally ask for ratings

Confirm understanding with a quiz

  • Add an assessment to any document or page
  • Multiple or single choice with pass mark
  • Track attempts and final score

Capture read and view durations

  • Records the total time content is read
  • Captures the active duration viewing a page
  • Know if the content has really been read

Track pages, documents or links

  • Add trackers to pages and documents
  • Track opening of Repost pages and Links
  • Remove content from active views once read

All data stored in your tenant

  • 100% of data stored in your tenant
  • No data transferred out or stored by us
  • All access permissions are determined by you

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