Confirm understanding with quizzes

Ensure important content is really read and understood by adding a quiz to any page or document. Content is targeted to readers using business relevant terms which can identify the content or readership. Quizzes are created using multiple choice questions and answers, each with a weighted score. The entire quiz is given a pass mark which must be achieved to pass. All results are captured for reporting which can be extracted to other systems. Great to create competency content with assessments.

Create terms

Terms can be created to group courses/quizzes/assessments by pack, program, or audience; based on roles, responsibility and/or locations.

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Create profiles using quiz terms

Assign Active Directory group or individuals to the terms to connect users to the content.

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Create course material

Create assessment material as SharePoint pages. Include videos, images, resource links and text sections which are easy to create and consume.

Add a quiz to a page

Use the quiz creator to add questions to any page or document. Add multiple or single choice answers and weight the correct answer with a score.

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Assign terms to quiz page

Add one or more terms to the page to target the content. If the assessment or quiz needs to be taken periodically, add a Refresher Days.

Surface quizzes

Use My Reads or PnP Search web parts to distribute the assessment quizzes.

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Taking quizzes

Read the content and take the assessment to confirm understanding.

Run reports

To see who’s passed, failed and compliant by person, quiz or term.

Make Compliance Tracker 365 work for you

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