Distribute policies and procedures

With so many documents in SharePoint, its difficult for people to know what’s important to read. Compliance Tracker 365 fixes this issue. It allows content owns to target information using simple terms. Any readers with matching profile terms will immediately see they have important content to read. This is important when you need to know your quality and operational documents are really being read by the right people.

Create terms

Define terms that will help distribute required and optional content for reading. For example, use All Staff to distribute important company wide policies and procedures to all staff.

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Connect users with terms

Target your terms to individuals, departments, or even people based on their country. Active Directory groups can be used to associate terms to people. A Power Automate solution is available to syncronize group members with terms on a daily basis.

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Add terms to content

Assign terms to documents or pages for mandatory or optional reading. Tracker types are available for manual read acknowledgements, submission of feedback or completion of quizzes. Versions can be set to trigger rereads as content changes or a Refresher read can be triggered after a set number of days.

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Surface documents

The My Reads web part distributes documents and pages to end users which still need to be read, reviewed, or completed.

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Sign off - Compliance

Users can manually sign off that they have read an understood important content with a click of the mouse, or a tap of a finger.

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Generate reports

Reports highlight who has and has not read important content by person, team, term or any other tracked property.

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Use Case - Walkthough

This video walks you though this Use Case.

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