Know that important content has been seen, read and understood by adding a content tracker.

Track with manual or automatic acknowledgements

  • Track any page or document
  • Use manual read acknowledgements
  • Track automatically with or without read confirmation

Get feedback to improve quality

  • Ask for feedback on any document or page
  • Use feedback to improve the quality of content
  • Optionally ask for ratings

Confirm understanding with a quiz

  • Add an assessment to any document or page
  • Multiple or single choice with pass mark
  • Track attempts and final score

Capture read and view durations

  • Records the total time content is read
  • Captures the active duration viewing a page
  • Know if the content has really been read

Track pages, documents or links

  • Add trackers to pages and documents
  • Track opening of Repost pages and Links
  • Remove content from active views once read

All data stored in your tenant

  • 100% of data stored in your tenant
  • No data transferred out or stored by us
  • All access permissions are determined by you

Make Compliance Tracker 365 work for you

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